Ecological Lifestyles for CO2 Reduction


24.075.813 kg of CO2 saved with a saving of  8.785.732

Carbon footprint reduction

The projects efforts to reduce the "Carbon Footprint"

The project will also particularly focus on limiting, as far as possible, CO2 emissions originating from human activities, such as movements, use of energy and some products of common use like paper, that, however, are necessary in carrying out the project actions. Despite this, to render the project’s “carbon footprint” to a minimum, the following measures will be adopted where possible:

  • movements will be only those that are absolutely necessary;
  • exchanges, sharing and spreading information and other types of news among partners will be through the use of video-conferencing;
  • notices and other communications will be by email;
  • materials to be spread will be reduced to a minimum and downloadable in pdf form from the project website.

The dissemination products (Notice board, posters, folders, leaflets) were printed on recycled paper or strictly produced with wood from certified forests, not from trees, and have been used environmentally friendly inks and herbal products, without chemical solvents harmful to the environment.