Ecological Lifestyles for CO2 Reduction


24.075.813 kg of CO2 saved with a saving of  8.785.732

Local Communities

In the interactive map you can find the exact location of all the Local communities, with all the sustainable events and projects with themes related to EcoLife.

This action will launch and support the new lifestyles initiative  within the communities and groups of citizens in direct contacts with the local and operative centers of the beneficiaries.  In particular we plan to launch the initiative with the target audience identified in Section B4 in the following centers:

- the “Centri di Assistenza e Supporto al Cittadino” (centers for support and assistance to citizens in their relations with public authorities, commercial organisations and service providers) of MDC;

- the “Sportelli Energia” (centers assisting the citizens for a sustainable use of energy) of Legambiente;

- the “Circoli Associativi Locali” (local member associations), “Centri di Assistenza Fiscale” (centers for assistance on fiscal issues), “Patronati” (center for legal and social assistance to retiring workers, immigrants and other categories of workers needing consultancies and support) of ACLI.

The local and operative centers of the beneficiaries offer specialised support to Italian citizens on several areas Some of these centers like the “Sportelli Energia” of Legambiente have already the aim of informing the citizens on how to have sustainable lifestyles, what daily practices to adopt and what technical solutions can be applied to reduce energy consumptions. Others centers offer services such as fiscal assistance, social assistance, information for retirements, as explained in form B4. The interactions of the citizens with these centers are characterized by an excellent degree of mutual understanding and visitors are normally quite open to collaborate and consider proposals from the center staff.

 We plan to complement the services of the centers offering on a regular basis (once a week) information regarding the New Lifestyles and proposing to join the initiative. This will be mainly based on a one to one meetings between our representative at the centers and the members of the target audience. The tools developed in Action C1.1 and the game and simulation scenarios of Action C1.3 will be presented to the members of the target audience and used as a support to motivate and explain the initiative, and get their involvement.

The new lifestyles regard 6 domains of the citizens life, including mobility, energy, shopping and nutrition, public services, leisure time and life in the house and in collective environments. For each of these domains the action will propose behaviour, practical choices and concrete solutions to reduce CO2 emissions in the day by day life, without compromising quality of life and living style. Citizens and members of the communities will be invited to commit to reach specific lifestyles objectives whose achievement will be verified and supported along the duration of this action. In total we plan to launch the new lifestyles proposal in 10 centers for each beneficiary (30 in total). A member of the staff of each center will be trained to act as community animator, proposing the new lifestyles, supporting the communities of practice or the citizens, and reporting their knowledge and experience to the project staff. Training will also be on supporting activities such as dissemination of good practices, and creation of ecological purchasing groups between the participants.

Since 1 September 2014 are open the Local Communities of:

Since July 1, 2015: