Ecological Lifestyles for CO2 Reduction


24.075.813 kg of CO2 saved with a saving of  8.785.732


EcoLife Game - EcoLife Game Plus (deliverable DC1.2)

A smart puzzle-game like the famous “Candy Crush”, with 30 colored and several game levels and smart tips collected at each levels. 

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SCENARIO SIMULATOR - EcoLife Game (deliverable DC1.2)

It's a typical day simulator. From morning to evening the user (in first person) will have to make choices: some will be more sustainable than others. At the end of the day (and path), the tool will calculate the total emissions from each individual action and the associated cost savings. 



Starting from six different domains of the citizens life (mobility, energy, shopping and nutrition, public services, leisure time and life in the house and in collective environments), the tool is a smart application that collects user’s data (gender, age, country of origin, work and contacts) to provides the most appropriate tips


CITIZEN INFORMATION TOOL - widget edition (deliverable DC1.3)

A smart widget on sustainable lifestyles. The tool is a dispenser of sustainable tips: the basic version will feature 60 tips for 4 different project targets (colf/domestic workers; pensioners; young couples; generic citizen) with information on CO2 daily savings and cost daily savings

CITIZEN INFORMATION TOOL - smartphone/tablet (deliverable DC1.3)

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Citizen Information Tool