Ecological Lifestyles for CO2 Reduction


24.075.813 kg of CO2 saved with a saving of  8.785.732

EcoLife project

EcoLife (LIFE12 INF/IT/000465) is a co-founded project by the European Commission with the LIFE+2012 Information & Communication program.
This project intends to exploit the knowledge and experience achieved in professional communication on risk perception and risk prevention, adapting and transferring its approach to communication on climate change, to reach the following goals:

- Raise awareness and sensitivity about climate change in the project target audience;

- Achieve an effective reduction of CO2 emission through a more environmentally conscious lifestyle of the project target audience;

- Exploit and multiply the effectiveness of the communication approach adopted by the project proposing it to other  public and private environmental communication operators.

The following key messages will be communicated to the target audience:

- The link between human behaviour and climate change is clear and confirmed by scientific results;

- Climate change will soon have a significant negative impact on the environment, natural life and human activities;

- Emission containment requires not only initiatives at social and political levels, but also the commitment and actions of each single individual;

The target audience will be invited to adopt lifestyles in line with these key messages. In particular, we will propose concrete actions and suggestions for CO2 reduction, providing different possible options, explanations, suggestions, and asking for concrete commitments in line with those proposals.  The target audience will also be informed of the potential CO2 emission saving achieved with these new behaviours.

The actions and suggestions to be proposed will consider the results and experiences of similar initiatives of various environmental bodies, such as “what you can do” of EPA. Initial estimate of emission saving associated to each action will be based on data from these initiatives, and revised and completed using studies from the literature and data from Ecoinvent. Actions will concern different aspects of current life: mobility, energy, waste, shopping and nutrition, public services, leisure time and life in the house of collective environment