Stili di vita ecologici per la riduzione di CO2


24.075.813 kg di CO2 non emessi in totale con un risparmio di 8.785.732 


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Bere l’acqua del rubinetto: ridurre del 70% le bottiglie


Water is the essential element, we should drink a lot, even 2 liters per day. A family of three people who drink only bottled water spends in a year at least 280 euro. Tap water is often equally healthy and safe as bottled water.

We have to remember that tap water costs about 500 times less, avoids the trouble of transport and not generate waste.

Bottled water is transported from the Alps to Sicily, as well 360,000 fully loaded truck. Bottled in more than 5 billion plastic bottles per year has an enormous cost of disposal.

The assumptions take into account the reduction in the consumption of 1 liter of bottled water per day.


Estimated savings in a year: about 85 euro / 42 kg CO2 equivalent
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