Stili di vita ecologici per la riduzione di CO2


24.075.813 kg di CO2 non emessi in totale con un risparmio di 8.785.732 


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Portarsi la sporta per la spesa: meno 70% di sacchetti di plastica

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), between 500 billion to a trillion plastic bags are used worldwide each year. The bags find Their way into Landfills, oceans, rivers, and parks. You can see plastic bags caught in the tops of trees and blowing around parking lots. Normal plastic bags do not decompose quickly. Whether they end up in a landfill, a park, or the ocean, the bags will be around for centuries. When they finally begin to break down toxic substances minute will seep into the ground and be washed into lakes, rivers, and the oceans.

Plastic bags are Generally made from a derivative of natural gas and petroleum products. Petroleum-based products are unhealthy for humans as well as the environment in several ways:

Contact with petrochemicals can cause a variety of health problems from cancers to the creation of abnormal patterns hormone in the human body.
Natural gas is not a renewable resource; once it is used up, it is gone forever.
Plastic bags can create problems for animals. Some sea mammals get caught in the bags and are Not able to come to the surface to breathe and drown. Sometimes animals, birds, or fish ingest pieces of a plastic bag That block Their digestive system and causes them to die. There are Numerous ways That These bags pose a threat to animals.

In Italy we used 4 billion plastic bags per year. Since 2012 we use shopping bags or biological bags, saving money and helping the environment.


Estimated savings in a year: about 90 euro /10 kg CO2 equivalent

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